Local knowledge
for local wildlife

Fulfilling all of your ecological needs

From small residential developments to larger projects, we can provide you with ecological surveys to support your planning applications.

Most developments require an ecological survey to be undertaken as part of the planning conditions. This is to reduce the chance of a  development having an adverse impact on a species or habitat protected under law.

Land management with a conservation focus

The majority of 'wild' habitats require ongoing management in order to maintain high levels of biodiversity. Without sufficient management, they will become low-quality habitats or be taken over by invasive species.

Sangan Island Conservation aims to provide our management service so those wild and neglected areas can be revitalised and enhanced for local wildlife.

Piers Sangan

Role: Company Founder and Director

Focus: Ecology and Land Management


  • Piers is a wildlife ecologist and conservation land manager
  • He has over 15 years of conservation experience
  • Has a degree in Conservation Biology
  • Is involved in writing and implementing management plans on SSI's in Jersey
  • Actively involved with research and protection of Jersey's habitats and species
  • Competencies in:
    • Mammal identification and handling
    • Bat surveys for developments
    • Bird identification and surveying techniques
    • Japanese knotweed management
    • Tree climbing and rescue
    • Endangered species recovery
    • Asbestos awareness
  • Research Officer for Jersey Bat Group
  • Member of Countryside Management Association
  • Adviser member of LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming)
  • Member of Countryside Management Association (MCMA)
  • Member of Royal Society of Biology (MRSB)

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